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Hello from Bangkok!

Hi, I'm Patrick, 28, currently residing in Bangkok, Thailand.  I've done intermittent fasting for several years now, restricting my eating window to roughly 8 hours a day for most days.  I normally skip breakfast and eat from noon-8pm.

I've done several water fasts, most recently a 10 day water fast in February, 2017. I'm quite interested in the upcoming research on fasting, the ketogenic diet, and ketosis in general.  I plan to do 5-10 day water fasting at least once a year.

I became interested in fasting after several friends did them.  After researching more, I'm fully convinced it is an incredibly beneficial thing to do.  I'm excited to be part of such a community.

I've setup this community after Googling for 'water fasting forum' and realizing no community exists specifically for water fasting that isn't on Facebook.
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